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The list that used to be here has now been moved to a new forum on our user forums.

Requested Plugins (aka Wish List)

This section is for plugins that people have requested. We get a ton of requests for plugins so we've decided to publish this list and we'll maintain it as best we can (in no particular order) so feel free to send us a request to indigo DASH wish AT perceptiveautomation DOT com . If you're interested in developing a plugin and want to tackle one of these, let us know and we'll put your name (forum username) beside it.

Plugin Idea Category
ZigBee Home Automation Technology
UPB Home Automation Technology
KNX Home Automation Technology
PLCBUS Home Automation Technology
Modbus Home Automation Technology
Telldus Home Automation Technology
LiteTouch Home Automation Technology
WeMo by Belkin Home Automation Technology
EnOcean Home Automation Technology
Autelis Home Automation Technology (IP-based)
OPC Automation Technology
HA7Net 1-wire adaptor 1-wire
IRTrans IR Control
ControlByWeb I/O Device
MacTHUM I/O Device
DLP Design I/O Device
Barix/Barionet I/O Device
RCS Thermostats Thermostat
Honeywell Redlink Thermostats Thermostat
Ecobee Thermostats Thermostat
Venstar T5900 WiFi Thermostat Thermostat
Evocam Security
Brultech Energy Tracking and Management
wattvision Energy Tracking and Management
EyeTV Media Control
Panasonic DMP-BDTX10 Blu-ray players Media Control
SqueezeBox Media Control
Tweepy (twitter) Social Media
Chat interface (AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, etc) Social Media
Twilio Phone Integration
Asterisk Phone Integration
APC UPS Management Miscellaneous
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