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 +====== Advanced Home Automation Tasks (Pro Only) ======
 +So, now that you've figured out the basics, maybe you can now control iTunes from your RemoteLinc, you want to try some more advanced stuff. This is the place for you! Unless otherwise stated, these solutions require Indigo Pro.
 +  * [[scenes_restore_state|Creating a Scene that restores the previous state of the devices]]
 +  * [[https://​forums.indigodomo.com/​viewtopic.php?​t=3911|Setting up a Dakota Motion detector]]
 +  * [[weather_script|Integrate weather data into Indigo]]
 +  * [[security_script|Indigo and Security Systems (or how Indigo can help with security)]] ​
 +  * [[sql_logging|Log data into a SQL database]]
 +  * [[custom_email|Send an email with embedded values]]
 +  * [[as_create_action_steps|How to create action steps in AppleScript]]
 +  * [[iolinc_garage_door_alert|How to create alerts with the I/O Linc Garage Door Kit]]
 +  * [[advanced_thermo|How to create an advanced Thermostat scheduler]]
 +  * [[homegrown_security_system|Homegrown security system]] - less of a how-to and more of a general description
 +Most of these examples use [[AppleScript]] - [[applescript|read up]] on how it is an integral part of Indigo Pro. Then, check out how to [[common_tasks_in_applescript|complete common tasks]] in AppleScript:​ turning on/off a light, executing an action group, enabling/​disabling a time date action, etc.

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