API v1.17 Release Notes

This version of the API shipped with Indigo 6.0.15 - check the API Version Chart to see what version of the API is available in which Indigo versions.

  • Configuration UI popup menus can now specify separator menu items ("%%separator%%") and disabled menu items ("%%disabled:Item Text Here%%").
<Field type="menu" id="exampleMenu">
	<Label>Poll device:</Label>
		<Option value="0">Only When Activity Detected</Option>
		<Option value="-1">%%separator%%</Option>
		<Option value="60">Every Hour</Option>
		<Option value="30">Every 30 Minutes</Option>
		<Option value="10">Every 10 Minutes</Option>
		<Option value="5">Every 5 Minutes</Option>
		<Option value="1">%%disabled:Every Minute%%</Option>
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