API v1.7 Release Notes

This version of the API shipped with Indigo 6 beta 8 - check the API Version Chart to see what version of the API is available in which Indigo versions.

  • Added indigo.server.apiVersion attribute which returns the Indigo Server's current plugin API version as a string (ex: “1.7”). The plugin can then use this value to add conditionals around calling newer APIs while maintaining backwards compatibility with older versions of Indigo Server.
  • Added dehumidifierIsOn and humidifierIsOn attributes to the thermostat device class. These attributes are set to True for some thermostats (2441TH, 2441ZTH) when their humidity setpoints are crossed to turn ON/OFF dehumidifiers and humidifiers.
  • Added updateTimeStampOnServer() method to device instances to increment last changed timestamp on a device.
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