API v2.3 Release Notes

This version of the API shipped with Indigo 7.4.1 - check the API Version Chart to see what version of the API is available in which Indigo versions.

* Added sharedProps property and replaceSharedPropsOnServer(sharedProps) method to main object instances (devices, triggers, variables, etc.) allowing for shared (readable and writable) properties across all plugins and scripts. This gives access to the same properties the user can manage on devices via the Global Property Manager plugin. Example usage:

sharedProps = dev.sharedProps
sharedProps["sqlLoggerIgnoreStates"] = "brightnesslevel, onoffstate"

sharedProps = var.sharedProps
sharedProps["sqlLoggerIgnoreChanges"] = "true"

* Added a new device iterator filter that will return all devices that support an on state:

  for dev in indigo.devices.iter("props.SupportsOnState"):
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