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 +====== PowerLinc Incompatibility with i2CS Firmware Modules ======
 +Most newer INSTEON modules (as of 3/2012) have Smarthome'​s i2CS firmware, which includes many reliability improvements. However, these modules now require INSTEON extended messages to work properly and the older PowerLinc 2414U does not support extended messages. ​
 +The i2CS modules work with the newer PowerLinc interfaces, including:
 +  * [[http://​store.indigodomo.com/​insteon-powerlinc-plm-2413u.html|PowerLinc 2413U]] (Dual-Band -- recommended)
 +  * INSTEON RF Adapter (RF Only -- discontinued)
 +Note: Smarthome no longer makes a standalone controller like the 2414U that Indigo can use. See our article on [[standalone_controllers|standalone controllers]] for more details.

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