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 +====== Indigo v4 Incompatibility with i2CS Firmware Modules ======
 +Most newer INSTEON modules have the i2CS firmware, which includes many reliability improvements.
 +However, the extensive Indigo changes required for the i2CS firmware compatibility are only available in Indigo 5 and higher. You can [[http://​www.indigodomo.com/​downloads|download the latest version of Indigo here.]] Note that all major version upgrades to Indigo are paid upgrades, but upgrade discounts are available. To upgrade [[http://​www.indigodomo.com/​purchase-upgrade|visit our purchase page]] and enter your current registration code and we'll show your specific upgrade discount eligibility. You can also register for a [[http://​www.indigodomo.com/​register-trial|free 30 day trial of the latest version of Indigo]] to make sure it supports all of your INSTEON modules.

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