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 +====== Advanced PowerLinc Options ======
 +Indigo provides some advanced options for the various PowerLinc INSTEON interfaces. Select **''​Configure...''​** from the **''​Interfaces->​INSTEON/​X10 Power Line''​** menu, then (assuming you have a PowerLinc interface selected) click on the **''​Interface Options...''​** button. You'll see the **''​Advanced PowerLinc Options''​** dialog:
 +The first two options should always be checked by default - you really only want to disable those options if the Indigo Support team recommends it.
 +From this dialog, you can also perform some other link syncing operations: ​
 +  * Start/Stop Link Sync (same as using the menu items on the **''​Interfaces->​INSTEON/​X10 Power Line''​** menu)
 +  * On your PowerLinc, you can clear all of it's internal links, read all the links, and sync links. You normally won't use these options unless instructed by Indigo Support
 +  * You can completely reset your PowerLinc and resync the links all in one go - this is roughly synonymous to doing a factory reset, but not quite. Indigo support will often recommend doing a factory reset vs using this option because the factory reset performs some actions that we can't do through software.
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