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 +====== INSTEON Controllers ======
 +INSTEON devices tend to fall into two categories: controllers and responders. Controllers are devices that send INSTEON commands to other INSTEON devices. The ControlLinc is a device which has 5 button pairs (along with all on/off and dim/​brighten). You can set these buttons to perform many different actions.
 +Responders are INSTEON devices that respond to commands. So, an ApplianceLinc or LampLinc will respond to commands sent to them: ON/OFF, Status Requests (to get state if Indigo get's out of sync somehow), and, in the case of the LampLinc, DIM/​BRIGHTEN.
 +Many INSTEON devices are both controllers and responders: KeypadLincs (which have 6 or 8 buttons), SwitchLincs,​ ToggleLincs,​ etc. They can be set up to send commands (via Links) and they can respond to commands from other devices.
 +Once you have your device defined, you'll probably want to do one of these things:
 +  * [[scenes|Make a button to turn on/off a light]] - simple version without using INSTEON Links - compatible with X10 devices as well
 +  * [[inst_button_basics|Make a button to control an INSTEON lighting scene]] - slightly more involved version for INSTEON only scenes, but performs better

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