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 +====== Defining an INSTEON device ======
 +Defining an INSTEON device is quite simple: ​
 +  - With **''​DEVICES''​** selected in the outline view (or a sub-folder of **''​DEVICES''​**),​ click the **''​New...''​** button above the device list.
 +  - Give the device a name in the **''​Name:''​** field.
 +  - Click on the **''​Define and Sync...''​** button.
 +  - In this window, you'll provide the INSTEON address of the new device. You have a choice: you can either enter it manually and click **''​Start''​** or you can put the device into link mode, and Indigo will usually discover the device address automatically. Entering link mode is device specific, but it usually requires pressing the set button (or, for a switch, the paddle up) for 10 seconds. It would probably be helpful to read the [[INSTEON links]] discussion.
 +  - After you press the **''​Start''​** button, you'll see the progression of green check marks in the window while Indigo links the device with the Powerlinc, figures out the device type, etc. Once the last checkmark appears (beside "Wait several seconds for Indigo to add the Powerlinc'​s address to the device'​s internal link database"​) you can close the window.
 +That's it, you're done! The device should be available in Indigo with all its options.

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