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 +====== INSTEON I/O Devices ======
 +There are several I/O devices that use INSTEON technology. These devices have various inputs and outputs, some analog, some digital, etc. Using these devices definitely falls into the [[wiki:​How-to level of difficulty#​hard|Hard]] category; not necessarily from the Indigo standpoint, but also from the hardware setup side as well. How-Tos are challenging,​ since these devices, by design, can be used for a very wide range of solutions.
 +FIXME - We'd really love to see some How-Tos linked from this page illustrating various ways that you're using the various I/O devices.
 +Some people have experienced input ON/OFF bounces (Input Status Changed messages) when using the EZIO devices when there is nothing connected to the inputs. [[https://​forums.indigodomo.com/​viewtopic.php?​t=3190|This forum thread]] should explain what's happening and how to deal with it.
 +There'​s also a thread about [[https://​forums.indigodomo.com/​viewtopic.php?​t=2993|getting input data in AppleScript]] that's probably worth a read.

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