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Insteon is a home automation hardware standard developed by Insteon. The technology employs both power line carrier and wireless technologies. It has many improvements over the X10 protocol and in most circumstances is far more reliable. Manufacturers of Insteon compatible products are:

Insteon hardware is widely available in the US and Canada (110v). While there are some Insteon devices available outside of North America, there is no USB interface that works outside of North America.

Insteon Interfaces

Indigo supports multiple Insteon interfaces: the PowerLinc Modem 2413U, and the Insteon Portable USB Adapter (2448A7). Which you choose depends on how you plan on using Indigo. Here we'll try to break it down in simple terms.

The PowerLinc 2413U is the only interface that can also control X10 devices. The 2413 is dual-band, and has the ability to directly send and receive both RF and power line commands. This allows most users to eliminate 1 AccessPoint RF. There is also a 2412U which isn't dual-band and a 2412S which requires a serial-to-USB adaptor. Indigo can also use most of those interfaces (though some very old ones seem to have issues).

The Insteon Portable USB Adapter (2448A7) is a nice compact USB dongle type device. Since it doesn't plug into the wall it'll need to be positioned near some dual-band device that will then bridge the Insteon signal from RF to the power line. Since it's Insteon RF only, this interface doesn't support X10. Other than those differences it's pretty much identical in functionality to the 2413U.

So, which one is for you? The answer isn't exactly straight forward, but our recommendation is this: we think the 2413 dual-band PLM is the right choice unless you need to be able to move your Mac around.

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