INSTEON Energy Monitoring/Reporting Devices

There are two vendors providing INSTEON Energy Monitoring and Reporting devices: INSTEON and Smartenit

iMeter Solo by INSTEON

The iMeter Solo is a pretty straight-forward device. You plug it into the wall then plugin whatever you want to measure into the outlet on the bottom. It will then report current load and total usage since last reset (Indigo supports resetting the total via the UI or an action). Something to note about the iMeter - it does not broadcast any changes so we provide a configuration option to poll the iMeter periodically to update the values, and both values can be used in Device State Changed trigger events.

Device Details

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ZBPCM by Smartenit

This device interfaces the Blue Line Innovations monitor to your INSTEON network, providing you with whole-house energy usage information. From Indigo's standpoint, it works just like the iMeter Solo does so it will also require polling to update information.

Device Details

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