Fixing Indigo Server File and Folder Permissions

Sometimes the file/folder permissions (or owner) for Indigo Server can become incorrect. This can result in an error when starting the Indigo Server or it can cause GoPrism reflectors to fail to create.

Why are the permissions wrong?

There are a few ways the permissions can become incorrect. If you used Apple's Migration Assistant tool to copy files from one Mac to another (or after an OS X upgrade) then that can result in incorrect file/folder owners. Or sometimes a poorly written installer sets incorrect file/folder permissions recursively on the entire /Library/Application Support/ folder. This can result in problems not just with Indigo, but with all types of applications (yikes!).

How To Fix It

First, if you're using Indigo 6 or 7, try rerunning the installer for your version (download installers from the downloads page). That will usually fix any permission issues (and will leave all your settings in place).

If that doesn't work, we've created a tiny application that tries to heal the common Indigo file/folder permissions (and owner) problems. To use it:

  1. Shutdown the Indigo Server if it is running via the Indigo→Stop Server menu item
  2. Double-click to mount the disk image
  3. Right-click (or control+click) the file Indigo Perm and choose the Open menu item
  4. It will prompt you for your OS X user account password (this is required because changing file/folder permissions requires OS X admin level access)
  5. Select all the text in the output window and copy it to the clipboard
  6. Launch Indigo (and the Indigo Server)
  7. If you are troubleshooting an Indigo Reflector, then give it a couple of minutes to establish and test it

If Indigo still cannot launch (or your GoPrism reflector still isn't working) then paste the results of step #6 above into an email to support so we can help troubleshoot the problem further.

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