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 +====== How to Monitor X10 & Insteon Security Devices with Indigo ======
 +One major feature of Indigo is it's plugin design. ​ While Indigo v5 is expected to be a great improvement,​ the current Applescript based design is quite powerful.  ​
 +The Indigo Security Script extends Indigo'​s native features, and adds two important features:
 +  * **The Ability to Monitor X10 Security Devices**
 +      * X10 Pro Security System Remote (SH624 PSR01)
 +      * Key Fob - KR10A
 +      * EagleEye Motion Sensor (Outdoor) - MS14A
 +      * DS10A Door/Window Sensor
 +      * X10 Motion Sensor - MS10A
 +      * X10 Power Horn - PSH02
 +      * Big Red Emergency Button - KR15A
 +  * **The Ability to Monitor Insteon Security Devices**
 +      * Insteon Motion / Occupancy Sensor - 2420M
 +      * TriggerLinc - 2421
 +      * Insteon Motion Controlled FloodLight - 2494msbn
 +The script, after it has been configured, will monitor your security devices. ​ The alerts from the security devices will trigger actions depending on your settings in Indigo.
 +Please note, the Security Script will be undergoing a large redesign when Indigo v5 is released. ​ This redesign will be revamping the user interface to make it much more user friendly, and will be migrating to a more modular design. ​ Currently the Security script is [[wiki:​How-to level of difficulty]] is [[wiki:​How-to level of difficulty#​Moderate|Moderate]]. This means that some light script changes (changing variable or property values, etc), and will almost certainly involve some conditional logic and perhaps multiple items (Triggers, Time/Date Actions, etc.).
 +Please note, this page is a work in progress, and is not completed.
 +More resources and information on the Security Script is available in the [[https://​forums.indigodomo.com/​|Indigo Forums]], and the author is directly available at his [[http://​www.schollnick.net/​wordpress/​|web site.]]

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