How-To Level of Difficulty Explanation

How-Tos will range in complexity and difficulty. In order to help the user of the How-To understand how difficult the task(s) are gonna be, we've come up with a very simple scale:


A simple How-To should be very easy, even for a beginning Indigo user. The steps are clear and straight-forward and are very likely to be completed successfully without any issue.


A moderate How-To will might involve some light script changes (changing variable or property values, etc), and will almost certainly involve some conditional logic and perhaps multiple items (Triggers, Time/Date Actions, etc.). It is possible, because of the complexity, that the solution may not work right the first time. Following the steps multiple times to make sure that each was completed correctly may be needed.


A hard solution will most likely require editing scripts, which in turn may require more intimate knowledge of AppleScript and the applications being scripted. It may also require the user to create conditional logic based on the user's environment. This type of How-To is probably more of guide than an actual step-by-step How-To. It is likely that some trial-and-error will be needed to get the solution to work completely.

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