Everspring makes a variety of Z-Wave modules and is also the OEM for many other brands.

This device is a siren/strobe. It runs on 4 β€œC” batteries or a 6V DC/600mA plugin adaptor (sold separately). The strobe presents itself in Indigo as a simple relay switch. Send it a Turn On command and it goes off. Likewise, send it a Turn Off and it goes off. The tamper switch works correctly so if you take the back off it alarms and the state in Indigo is updated to β€œon”.

There are 2 jumpers: one to decrease the volume (it is quite loud even when set to low) and one to enable/disable the tamper switch. It also reports battery level correctly so that should show in Indigo. It's supposed to report low battery levels but we haven't observed exactly what that behavior will be. If someone has seen it please send us an email and let us know.

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