First Alert (aka BRK Brands, Inc.)

Smoke & Fire Alarm (ZSMOKE)

To include this device:

  1. Put your Z-Wave interface into inclusion mode
  2. Slide out the battery compartment on the smoke alarm
  3. Press and hold the Test/Silence button while sliding the battery compartment back in
  4. Release the button - your interface should show a successful inclusion

The device will stay awake for 30 seconds so if you're doing a resync you'll want to be pretty quick. Exclusion works the same way, just make sure you have your interface in exclusion mode in step 1 above.

When the alarm detects smoke/fire, the device state for the Indigo device will turn ON. When the alarm stops detecting smoke/fire the device state will go OFF. Pressing and holding the Test/Silence button will start a test - the device will go on and sound 3 beeps twice. After the second set of beeps, the alarm will stop sounding and the device will go off in Indigo.

We've enabled the Turn On/Off buttons in the control area so you can manually adjust the on/off state if it gets out of sync. It will not effect the actual operation of the alarm.

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Smoke/Fire & Carbon Monoxide Alarm (ZCOMBO)

This device is basically identical to the ZSMOKE except it will also alarm on high Carbon Monoxide readings. Indigo won't know which caused the alarm to sound - it's just a single ON/OFF command. Inclusion information is the same as above.

Device Information

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