Action Groups

Action Groups are collections of actions (control lights, change variable values, send emails, enable/disable triggers or t/d actions, etc) that are not tied to a specific Trigger (button press, light state change, etc.). Why would you want to create an action group? When you want to have the exact same collection of actions executed via many different triggering events:

  • A button press on a KeypadLinc
  • At a specific time of day
  • By tapping in Indigo Touch (the iPhone/iPod Touch interface)
  • By clicking on an icon on a web page

It would be very inefficient to create the appropriate events listed above and have to implement the actions for each one individually: what happens if you needed to change the actions performed? You'd have to update EACH TRIGGER.

Using Action Groups, you only need to tell each trigger event above to execute a single Action Group. Then, you would only need to change one Action Group to modify the actions performed by all the triggers.

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