API v1.12 Release Notes

This version of the API shipped with Indigo 6.0.3 - check the API Version Chart to see what version of the API is available in which Indigo versions.

  • Removed sprinkler device activeZoneIndex attribute and restored activeZone attribute. Upon further completion of the sprinkler device object model and related actions it has become apparent that using both 0 and 1 based indices for sprinkler zones is quite confusing and unwieldy. Therefore, starting in API v.1.12 the activeZoneIndex attribute has been removed and activeZone restored. All sprinkler zone indices in attributes, states, and properties are now 1 based: zone 1 will be index 1, zone 2 will be index 2, and using an index value of 0 will represent all zones off.
  • Deprecated indigo.sprinkler.turnOnZone() method. Callers should now use the indigo.sprinkler.setActiveZone() method below.
  • Added indigo.sprinkler.setActiveZone() method, which is identical to the indigo.sprinkler.turnOnZone() method except setActiveZone()'s index argument is 1-based instead of 0-based (None or 0=all zones off, 1=zone 1, 2=zone 2, …).
  • Added indigo.server.waitUntilIdle() method which can be used to block script or plugin execution until the Indigo Server is idle.
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