API v1.6 Release Notes

This version of the API shipped with Indigo 6 beta 6 - check the API Version Chart to see what version of the API is available in which Indigo versions.

  • Added optional uiValue argument to device updateStateOnServer() method. This string is used only for UI display of the value (not for trigger or conditional logic), and is useful for adding units, percent signs, etc.
  • Added sensorValue attribute to device sensor instances (sensor devices can now support onState and/or sensorValue states).
  • Added allowOnStateChange and allowSensorValueChange attributes to device sensor instances to indicate if UI controls should be shown to change the state (ex: Turn On and Turn Off buttons).
dev.updateStateOnServer("sensorValue", 72.3, uiValue=u"72.3 °F")
indigo.server.log("temp is " + str(dev.sensorValue))
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