API v3.0 Release Notes

Because of the changes needed for conversion to Python 3 from Python 2 with Indigo 2022.1, we have minimized any additional changes to our API in order to allow developers and scripters to transition more quickly. One change was required to API v3.0 because earlier implementations caused a syntax error in Python 3:

  • changed the indigo.kStateImageSel.None image selector to indigo.kStateImageSel.NoImage (None is now a reserved word in Python 3).

We have also moved the SDK to our Github account. We will create releases for each version of Indigo as we have with 2022.1. All of the example plugins have been updated to use Python 3 so that's a good place to see Python 3 in action. Also, in that repo, there is a brief document describing the major Python 2→3 changes we think most scripters and developers will run across.

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