Installing py-applescript from source

UPDATE: the maintainer of py-applescript now has a fixed version in the pypi library so pip will install a fixed version.

py-applescript is a great tool for integrating Python and AppleScript. Normally you use pip to install Python packages, but as of Feb 21, 2018, the version that's in the pypi library (where pip installs packages from) has a bug. Fortunately, the bug has been fixed but has not yet been updated in pypi.

To install py-applescript from it's source code, you first need to download the source from it's GitHub repository. This will download the zip file with the full source.

If your browser didn't automatically unzip it, then do so now. By default, Safari will download and unzip the package to:


In a terminal window, execute each of the following steps:

cd /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Downloads/py-applescript-master/
sudo python install

That will install the package into the default Python install.

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