Indigo Clients

Indigo is a client-server application - which means that there is a single server application that does all processing (IndigoServer) and multiple client applications that allow you to interact with the server. The Mac client is currently the most fully implemented client and has it's own tour page.

There are also two other clients available to interact with Indigo: Indigo Touch, our native iOS app, and the Indigo Web Server, a web interface.

Indigo Touch

Indigo Touch allows users to fully control the Indigo server. It will show your devices, variables, action groups, and control pages, including any folders you've created in those areas. Devices will show specific user interfaces when you try to control them based on the type of device and it's available commands.

If you are an Indigo Pro user, it will also show any graphical control pages that you've created in the Mac Client (see this thread in our forums for some truly fantastic control pages).

Indigo Web Server (IWS)

Like Indigo Touch, IWS will allow you to control devices, variables, action groups, and control pages (including graphical control pages that you create in Indigo Pro). We also have an API that allows 3rd parties to add plugins to the IWS landing page. Each device will have it's own controls based on it's capabilities.

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