Standalone Controllers

We occasionally get requests to support uploading to various other controllers (CM11, CM12, CM15, etc). To be honest, the capabilities of these standalone controllers (PowerLinc 2414/1132, CM15 and CM11/CM12) are extremely limited compared to what Indigo can offer. These controllers don't generally have enough memory, processing power, or an extensible embedded OS that would allow for the the types of home automation tasks that Indigo is so good at. We want the Indigo experience to be as uniform as possible for all of our users. In addition, none of the PowerLinc controllers listed above are being manufactured any more.

For example, accessing your home remotely, either via web browser or Indigo Touch, is one of our biggest features - and it's not possible without some application (like Indigo) to mediate between the controller and the remote connection. So in this case, uploading to the controller and using it in standalone mode removes one of the advantages of having a home automation system - remote access.

We understand that some users can't keep their Mac running 24×7 and we think that someday there might be some alternatives. But the currently available controllers aren't the solution in our opinion and we don't have any plans on adding support or enhancing support for any of them.

Smarthome SmartLinc and INSTEON Hub

Some people have asked about the SmartLinc (2412N) and INSTEON Hub (2242-222) from Smarthome. These devices run standalone and have an ethernet connection. Sounds perfect, right? Unfortunately, not for use with Indigo. The only only way for Indigo to interface to them is by using them as a remote 2412. There is no published public API for managing their functionality remotely - so even if we could figure out how to map Indigo's Triggers and Schedules onto what's supported by the them (which is quite limited as the above devices are), there is no way we can remotely program it.

So the only benefit of supporting the INSTEON Hub given these limitations would be to support Smarthome's new push into Europe. At the moment, we're focusing our efforts on Z-Wave since it's a technology that's already available worldwide and is widely used/available in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

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