Integrating Weather Data into Indigo

For users in the US, Indigo ships with a script, called “Weather NOAA sync.scpt”. If you just create a startup trigger to launch that script, it will create a pile of weather variables and populate them at regular intervals. Those variables can then be used anywhere, such as in the custom email How-To. To create that trigger, follow the steps in this excerpt from the iTunes How-To, but select the “Weather NOAA sync.scpt” file instead (if you've already created this trigger, just add another action to start up the weather script):

Set up the iTunes sync script

Indigo comes with an iTunes Sync script which inserts a bunch of different data into Indigo Variables about what iTunes is doing. These can be shown on Control Pages, etc. This functionality is enabled by default in the sample house - check it out! If it's not already in your database, here's how (it's very simple)

  1. Select TRIGGERS from the outline view on the left
  2. Click the New… button
  3. Name the trigger whatever you want
  4. Select Indigo Server Startup from the Type: popup (this will cause the actions in this trigger to be executed each time the server starts up)
  5. Click the Actions tab
  6. Select Execute AppleScript from the Type popup
  7. Select the File: radio button
  8. A standard Mac file dialog will appear: open Background Tasks and select iTunes sync.scpt
  9. Click OK

That's it. Next time you restart the server it will start up the iTunes sync script.

However, there are much more useful things that you can do to enable iTunes control from all over the house using various hardware controllers and Indigo Pro.

· 2008/10/02 22:29 · Jay Martin

Then, once you've got that part done, change the value of the _Weather_Fetch_Station variable to the desired station id.

I'm sure others would be interested in your solutions for using personal weather stations or getting data from other sources. If you have a solution like that, please sign up for an account (a button at the bottom of the page) and create a How-To linked from this page!

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