GoControl (aka Linear, Nortek)

Nortek is the parent company of several subsidiaries that make a wide range of Z-Wave products. The Linear brand was once used for Z-Wave products, but they now seem to have consolidated Z-Wave under the GoControl brand. We've consolidated all these brands into a single Wiki page since they are fundamentally all the same company.

GoControl QuickStick Combo

This is a combination Z-Wave and ZigBee interface in one USB stick. Indigo doesn't support ZigBee, but the Z-Wave portion of the stick works well with Indigo.

To use this interface, you'll need to have the Silicon Labs VCP driver v5.0.4 or later installed on your Mac. Unlike other devices that use the SiLabs drivers, this device seems very well implemented. Once you have the driver installed and the stick is plugged in, you'll see two serial ports in the popup in the Z-Wave config dialog that are very clearly named for their purpose:

Just select the Z-Wave port and you'll be off and running.

Device details

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