Indigo Touch Clients

The current versions of the Indigo Touch Clients are: iPad 1.6.0 and iPhone/iPod Touch 1.6.0

What's new in version 1.6.0 (Updated 15th June 2010) Requires IOS3.0 or later
- Native support for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch in a single universal binary app (no guessing which version to get)
- Supports all scree orientations and resolutions on current devices
- Control pages now support double-taps to zoom in and out for faster resizing
- Control pages now automatically fit to the width of the screen when opened
- Control page image names can now contain spaces
- Improved settings button placement and appearance
- Improved battery usage when left running and rthe device goes to sleep
- Increased image file download timeout to allow larger images on slower networks
- Much faster launch time

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