X10 Remotes

Most X10 remotes (available for purchase here and here) use the X10 RF protocol, much like X10 motion detectors. So, you'll need an X10 RF transceiver of some type. Once you have that in place, any X10 command sent from an RF remote will be put onto the powerline and acted upon, simple as that. X10 remotes have lots of different configurations, but they all share the same basic functionality: they have buttons which send out ON/OFF/DIM/BRIGHTEN commands for some number of X10 addresses.

So, how do you use those in Indigo? Well, when a remote triggers an X10 command, Indigo will “see” that command. For example, let's say that you have a Slimfire remote (model KR19A). This remote has 6 buttons: A1 ON, A1 OFF, A2 ON, A2 OFF, Brighten, Dim. The last two send periodic brighten/dim by 5 commands to the last pushed button set (either A1 or A2) while they are being held down. Now, if you had a Lamp module with the A1 address, the lamp would automatically respond. If that Lamp Module wasn't 2 way, Indigo would still represent the state correctly because it “snooped” the ON/OFF/DIM/BRIGHTEN. But, basically, the remote is directly controlling the lamp because they have the same X10 address: A1. palmpad You can, however, have Indigo respond to the A1 commands, whether or not there is an A1 device that is being controlled by the commands. When it sees a command to A1, it would then perform some action(s). Anything that Indigo can do, in fact. Often it is best to not have a physical A1 device responding to the more complex commands that you plan to implement using Indigo. An example of this can be seen on the Creating Scenes How-To. There's also a great example using a PalmPad to control iTunes: while iTunes integration requires the Pro version, the How-To illustrates how to use a PalmPad in an interesting way.

If you have a new and interesting way of using an X10 remote, apply for an account (follow the instructions on the bottom of the start page) and write it up!

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