INSTEON Controllers

INSTEON devices tend to fall into two categories: controllers and responders. Controllers are devices that send INSTEON commands to other INSTEON devices. The ControlLinc is a device which has 5 button pairs (along with all on/off and dim/brighten). You can set these buttons to perform many different actions.

Responders are INSTEON devices that respond to commands. So, an ApplianceLinc or LampLinc will respond to commands sent to them: ON/OFF, Status Requests (to get state if Indigo get's out of sync somehow), and, in the case of the LampLinc, DIM/BRIGHTEN.

Many INSTEON devices are both controllers and responders: KeypadLincs (which have 6 or 8 buttons), SwitchLincs, ToggleLincs, etc. They can be set up to send commands (via Links) and they can respond to commands from other devices.

Once you have your device defined, you'll probably want to do one of these things:

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