Control a Garage Door and have a KeypadLinc Show Garage Door Status

A pretty frequent request is to have an I/O Linc Garage Door Kit controlled by a KeypadLinc button and for the button to show the status of the garage door. This How-to level of difficulty is Moderate. The only reason it's moderate is because you need to manually set one of the KeypadLinc (KPL) features.

The approach we're going to take in this scenario is using INSTEON links to do all the work. We'll use Indigo to create the links and change some settings but after that Indigo won't be involved at all during normal operation. In this tutorial we're going to assume that we're linking to button 3 on your KPL (see KeypadLinc Buttons for details). So, first thing we want to do is configure some options on the I/O Linc and the KPL:

  1. Configure your I/O Linc Garage Door Kit as described in steps 1-3 of this How-To. In step 2, you may also need to check the Input sensor opened sends INSTEON ON command (uncheck to send OFF) button. Some garage door sensors send ON when they open and others send OFF. If, after you get it all set up, the light on the KPL is opposite of what you want, switch that checkbox and click “Upload Settings”.
  2. Configure your KPL button to always send ON commands regardless of the LED state. The I/O Linc expects an ON command to turn on the output momentarily to start your door opening or closing. In Indigo 6 you can do this with the Set KeypadLinc Button Toggle Mode… menu item on the Interfaces→INSTEON/X10 Power Line submenu. The same menu item can be found in Indigo 5 on the Plugins→INSTEON Commands submenu.

At this point, you have your I/O Linc and your KPL button configured correctly. Now, we want to link the devices using INSTEON links:

  1. Find your I/O Linc in the Devices list and double-click it. You'll see the Edit Device dialog.
  2. Click the Manage Links… button
  3. Click the New Link to Responder button
  4. In the Edit selected link: section, select your KPL after responder then controls 3rd button LED from the next popup. This creates a link between the I/O Linc's input sensor to your KPL button so that when the sensor changes state the button LED will change as well.
  5. Click the New Link to Controller button
  6. In the Edit selected link: section, select your KPL after On controller then 3 after broadcast of button/group number. This creates a link between the KPL button and the I/O Linc such that when the KPL button is pressed (always sending on as set above) the I/O Linc will turn ON it's output (momentarily as set above). This will start the door opening/closing.
  7. Click the Sync Now button

That's it. The button LED may be incorrect now because it hasn't synced, so just press the button and let the door complete it's cycle. Then do it one more time and let the door complete it's cycle. The button state should now mirror the door state. If it's opposite from what you want (LED is ON when the door is open for example), then just switch the checkbox referenced above in the I/O Linc configuration section then run the cycle again and it should be in sync.

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