Welcome to the Indigo How-To Wiki!

So, you've decided to take the Home Automation plunge - congratulations and welcome. Indigo is Indigo Domotics' Home Automation software for macOS. Indigo 4-6 came in Pro and Lite versions; Indigo 7 and newer is all Pro. Start on the Indigo page if you're just getting started using Indigo - reading through the documentation links there will give you the basic building blocks needed to continue here with the How-Tos.

Once you've got a sense of the basics, check out one of the topics below.

NOTE: These How-Tos aren't meant to replace your device manufacturer's instructions or the Indigo Documentation - you should always read through those - but rather to augment them when using features of Indigo Domotics products.

Feel free to use the search box in the upper right corner of the screen to search for specific topics (it will also search through the documentation). There are also some great general discussions of features.

You should also check out our User Contribution Library for plugins, scripts and applications that expand the functionality in Indigo. Also, check out the support forum for lots of information about Indigo and Home Automation. That's the easiest way to get support!

We also have a Plugin Store so you can quickly check to see if there's a plugin for some specific device or service you're interested in. If one isn't there for something you'd like to see, just post an idea for a plugin on the forums and maybe some developer out there will think your idea is a good one and will build it.

Better yet, build it yourself! The technical docs have lots of information for anyone that wants to build a plugin:

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